About us

We do what we love Thats why its so Amazing!

We met in life as friends, but we came together to do this company we never found in real life.
We are 3 senior designers, one traslation & proofreading and one dog

This is the age of communication and image and the way you propose your company and what you do or sell, has to be clean, real and fresh, and that's what we love to do. We Create amazing designs that will enhance you company's communications.



Love & Jokes

I love unconditionally and I am always cheerful

+34 673 41 31 96

I dont have a great portfolio but everyone loves me ;)

Christian Scarlatt

Co- Founder - Lead Service Designer / Visual Designer

Senior Designer

+049 1705958989

Chris is a creative passionate visual designer, musician, trainer and writer. Currently based in Berlin he lived and worked in Berlin, Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Bucharest, and Seoul as freelancer or within great companies in Europe and Asia. As clients, we can mention: Leica, Bit Defender, ICR, Phoenix Band, Octagon Seoul, Castrol, Mensa, MTV, Cartoon Network, TedxAmsterdam, and others.

Victoria Alberni

Illustration Expert & Web Desingner

Graphic Design & Illustrator

+34 673 41 31 96

I am an entrepreneur person in the creative spectrum, my different experiences in my professional life have challenged me to search, learn and use different tools, software and technological platforms. I have the skill to learn new things and get myself updated to use and produce results rapidly. Because of that, I can move freely in the design world by doing and experimenting day by day. I'm also great with people and I love to teach and share, thats why I'm in charge when it is about sharing knowledge and doing trainings for our customers.

Andres UmaƱa

Co- Founder - Web Design & Branding

Senior Designer

+34 673 41 33 29

In my professional life i have been able to work on different continents, under the influence of different cultures, and in positions where i cud develop multifaceted skills under the spectrum of a graphic designer, this way i have discovered and appropriated many aspect related to the design culture of each of the countries i been. Working mainly as a web designer for more than 15 years i have to challenge the changes that internet has made in our daily lives, they way that coups everyday with more force our ways of communicate, our ways of living and also the needs of every company to develop strategic communications inside the web spectrum.

Maria Luisa Pulido

Traslation & Proofreading

+33 065 855 44 28

Through my carrier I have given a special interest to languages. Although I did 2 majors in Literature and Business, my greatest passion has always been to learn foreign languages. I learned Italian when I was three years old, English when I was seven, and then German in High School. Later, in the University I studied French and Portuguese. Also, I studied Latin for 7 years. I have had the opportunity to travel all around the world and live in different countries. My main areas of expertise are: Proofreading and Written and Oral Translation. My Competencies are centered and oriented towards achievement, meeting strict deadlines, positive peer inter-communication, leadership and high adaptation to multicultural and interdisciplinary environments.

Tradition &

When you reach certain level of expertise in what you do, then its difficult to find a proper job that can involve as much as you can give.

This is the reason Atwo was created, this is the place where we can reach the level we want, where we can do what we love, where we can hire a dog as a designer!

Creativity is infinite that is our philosophy. so we create, collaborate, participate in contests, we do working demos, we travel to meet clients, because we can produce fast, we can produce good and we have no fear to bet for great opportunities.